UX Research Case Study — Finding a Better Way to Guide your Career

5 W’s Exercise to understand The problem statement Better:

Who is looking for a career opportunity?
We will have to find out who actually is looking for the career option.
Is it either high school students or higher secondary students or college students.

Who can make career decisions very independently?
We will have to find out on what leverage of independence user get to choose their career choice by searching the statistical data about them.

Who are we, as career guidance providers, trying to solve the problem for?
To the users who are uncertain about their career choice and not really knowing the consequence of the decision. therefore I will have to find out on the fact of the users uncertainty in terms of their career choice

What factors most influence the decision to pursue a particular career path?
There must be some factors that will be behind any decision making, like wise what will be those factor which would influence the users decision while making their career choice, so I will have to search in terms of the influencing factors which will impact on the decision of the user.

What age group is most likely to need career guidance?
We will have to find which age group will need the guidance the most. It might be school students or graduates or even the working people!! we might not know that, so will have to figure it out by looking into some data

What are all the sources people use to find career opportunities?
When it comes to career choice what are all the sources which user is looking out to help themself. Are they really looking out for information or not really, so I will have to find out on the users behavior in terms of their knowledge search

What will happen if a student does not know about the career opportunities available to him?
every action will have its own reaction perhaps we will all have to look into the consequence of the users making a wrong decision in terms of career choice. how it could affect him as well as the community which he belong to

What inspires the most for a user to choose his career ? Is it wealth ? honer ? or his passion ?
we should understand the users motive while choosing their career path this could help us to know him better to resolve his problem and stream line his career path.

What are the concerns when it comes to choosing the users career path ?
what are all the emotional factors which the user comes across while choosing the their career interest. so we will have to find out their levels of emotions which plays a major roll in their choice

When is the major career decisions are made ? is it during 10th or 12th or graduation ?
we might think it is during the high school but it necessarily not be the case. it may differ so i will have to figure this out as well.

Why is career guidance needed for anybody ?
Do career guidance is really needed for a person. what is the demand of career guidance professional? what is the situation which exist presently in India. Here we will have to find out the real scenario of the career councilor roll in the life of the user

Stage 1 — Understand

93% of the students are aware of just seven career options — law, engineering, medicine, accounts and finance, design, computer applications and IT, and management.

Source link — https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/news/story/93-indian-students-aware-of-just-seven-career-options-what-are-parents-doing-wrong-1446205-2019-02-04

There are 250 career options in India — most new and in-demand.

India’s 350 million students — the biggest student population in the world — need at least 1.4 million career counsellors to maintain a globally acceptable student-to-school-counselor ratio.

Around 85% of students are concerned about which option to choose for higher education and 92% don’t get any career related guidance from their schools.

India endures an 87% shortage of professionals in the field of counseling.

Three million students apply for 11,000 seats in IITs. This clearly shows that student are not taking informed choices to pursue what you want instead what their friends wants to become.

According to researches, 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet.

If parents and teachers can build their own awareness regarding new career options coming up, then they can be a very helpful part in their child’s career decisions rather than being one of those parents who push their child into one of the most common careers

“Very often we come across students who have a broad idea of what they wish to do but don’t have the resources to plan it end to end.

The ideal age to start considering career counseling is 13–14 years where they start with subject exploration and selection and then work towards career selection. Giving enough time to plan will even out the stress and give them time to engage in critical thinking

Students need guidance and coaching for career development like any other discipline taught in schools

Students will benefit immensely when empower high schools and colleges with professional development opportunities and guide students on what to study, where to study, and how to prepare for a successful career

Schools aren’t investing enough to appoint qualified counselors who are skilled at the task of assisting students to sort out their thought process

Every year majority of young minds are confused while choosing streams and careers.

Parents want their children to become doctor and engineer and never ask them about their choice.

There is a lack of education on career developments in India which is a root cause for major problem like unemployment, skill gap with the resources.

Schools don’t prepare our children for these careers and new-age skills. This causes considerable stress in teenagers when choosing a possible career path for themselves.

Fear of not finding a passion to base their career on — Many of them are confused and have no idea of what they want. This leads to choosing a career based on more arbitrary things, such as family expectations, possible financial success, or trends

With little to no work experience opportunities, students might have unrealistic expectations of what their job is like

Based on the desk research we can conclude that there is
◘Business need and it is so obvious in terms of career counseling
◘ Users — students lake knowledge and assistance of their career
◘ Students need assistance in either setting the goal or have a broad idea of what they wish to do but need assistance to plan it end to end.

Despite all these very useful and insightful data points, we still do not know what are the users’ pain points in the real life scenario, what are their motivation factors, what influences them, how do they make decisions, and are they fully aware of both the positive and negative aspects of their career path, and so on .

To overcome this, I conducted interviews with five students and with a school career counselor who has been in this field for about six years.

Students mostly go ahead with one career option but when it comes to reality anything might happen so I always advise and give my students a second option based on their strengths. This could help them to tackle any last minute surprises.

Most of the kids are pretty sure of what they want to pursue but not really know how to root map their goal to achieve it. So I mostly give guidance on what skills they need to acquire and acquire them without harming their choices.

I find most of the students very smart and multi talented irrespective of their schools and boards. The difference i see here is students who lack information as well as proper guidance from parents and teachers

Target users

After the interviews the insights driven for the users was way beyond my thoughts. when i first got the problem statement i had some assumptions about the users but when i spoke to them I felt the real necessity of user interview!! my assumption about them was totally different, This clearly shows that
ME is not equal to the user.

“Students are confused while searching information related to their career because they are over whelmed with a lot of data”

Users want to know how the actual work will be and they want to try it to see if they are interested.

They are interested in learning skills that could contribute to their career development.

Key verbatim from the users

User 1: My mom wanted me to take science group so I took it and they wanted me to become a nurse

User 2 : My parents encourages me to learn anything I like.

User 3 : I always want some one to guide me and that some one is my mom and google

user 4 : Though i wanted to take fashion designing course I ended up with commerce group because my school had only limited groups.

User 5 : I wanted to learn those skills which will help me in my profession


How might we help our user to know skill required for her profession

How might we help the users to experience the world of work

How might we help our user to learn the skills which is required to be successful in her career


Our Focus is solving the problem of confused student who wants guidance in terms of What skills she would require to become successful in her career choice and also help him meet his need to experience the world of work.


Stage 5 — Testing

The App is very simple and easy to understand and the information regarding to a specific career goal is very useful and helpful

Helps us to plan our career well and stay focused in our career and the internship feature was very useful and also helps us find the most relevant internship.

Refined Prototype

1. Adding language feature

2. Making the course suggestion prominent and changing the star rating to marks scored

3. Adding internship requirement




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